I"My boy had so much fun, can't wait to bring the wife next time"

$200 for 1st night.  $150 each following night + Refundable Bond $400.    Entry after approx' 2pm.      Departure before approx' 12.00 noon.    Extra fees apply for early entry 9am. and  late departure 5pm. (If available)  $30 each way. Check with agent. 

Note:- Minimum fees apply for all bookings:-   

a) Standard 2 night weekend = $350. Above fees apply for more nights.

b) Long weekend, 3 nights = $500. Above fees apply for more nights.

c) Easter or other 4 nights = $650. Above fees apply for more nights.

d) Xmas school holidays, Any 4 nights = $650. Above fees apply for more nights.

Minimum fees are regardless if less nights stayed, or if house used or not. Early entry / late departure fees are extra.

Minimum fee is required  to cover property costs, inspections, administration and insurance. Bring friends and family to share the costs :-)


 For a show or club type, promoted event with over 20 people.  All fees are doubled.  

Your booked dates will block-out others, so we ask for full bond $400 when you book. Otherwise booking is not confirmed. (You could lose your dates) NO BOND = NO BOOKING

Note:- On hot days, the property can be dry and dusty with flies and bees. However dusk to dawn is much cooler and a great time to enjoy the property. House is well insulated with fans and stays cool plus the river is only 20 mins drive away. Off grid services, so limited power and water.    

Click here for agents web site:- More information, photos and booking form etc.

Tel: 08 8569 1003

Fax:08 8569 2321 


Brown Havelberg Partners 
81 Randell Street, Mannum, SA 5238



Click here to download booking form.

Please email, fax or post completed form to the agent.

Brown Havelberg Partners 
81 Randell Street, Mannum, SA 5238 
Ph 08 8569 1003
Fax 08 8569 2321




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