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"What a great place for some real family fun".

There is over 12kms of walking and riding tracks on Byjingos with something to suit everyone. Dawn, dusk and night walks are great to view animals. Also a great base to ride the many public dirt roads / tracks off the property. (For licensed riders on registered bikes. Map on lounge wall shows tracks)


Byjingos has 6 main tracks with smaller ones branching off, through-out the fenced property.


Note: Sections of some tracks, are rocky and may not be suitable for young or inexperienced riders. We advise protective boots and clothing. Watch for rocks, stumps, trees and animals.

Perimeter Track
A 3km track that follows the perimeter fence of Byjingo's, with many other tracks run into it. There are 2 steeper sections on the eastern side although there are tracks past them for the less experienced riders. A great track for everyone to ride first and get to know the layout of Byjingo's.

The Paddock
A 0.3km ride/walk runs directly south from the house, then opens to a large paddock. There are 2 jumps, a small one then a larger jump. The paddock sees most of the action and has smoother sections good for learning to ride, practice your jumps or wheelstands, do plenty of doughnuts or just get up some speed. A large shading tree with bench seats below, offers a great viewing spot. (Scratch your name in the tree)  The paddock is also the camping grounds for the larger events.

Limestone Track
0.9km track which starts at the Northern fence line and runs South East until it connects with the Perimeter Track at the southern gate. This track is the remains of an old limestone road and is full of weathered limestone rubble of all sizes making it very bumpy ride. An exciting ride for the more expericened riders. Look out for the ruins and low tree branches.

Ruins Track 1
0.8km track that runs South East from the house through natural mallee bush. It passes through the remains of the Reconnect Music Festival venue before joining the Perimeter Track. This tight track, twists and turns and look out for fallen or low hanging trees!. A good track for medium to experienced riders.

Ruins Track 2
A winding 0.7km track that runs North East off Ruins Track 1 travelling East throughout dense mallee scrub, finishing at the crumbling ruins. Stop and explore the old building remains found in the clearing or just enjoy a ride in the open space. A good track for medium to experienced riders.

Adams Track

Named after Adam, who made the track. South side of the paddock, near the south fence. It's a short, flat 0.4km kidney shaped track, through the scrub. Just like a small speedway track, without the crowds. Test your speed skills against the clock or your friends. Ideal for all skill levels, and just lots of fun. "My XR400 holds the 10 lap record!  Chris B."

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