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I"The kids were always busy and fell asleep exhausted each night" .

Collect keys at Mannum. (check with agent).  Then set your GPS to   648 Goondooloo Rd Bowhill.  Or follow this. 

Driving approx' 40 k drive to Byjingos. Take free ferry over river,  Turn left towards Bowhill, approx' 30k's. Bowhill general store is off the main road, open 7 days, 9am to 4pm and the last supplies. Continue past Bowhill's 2nd turn-off. Go 4.7k's, then turn right on a dirt road. Goondooloo Rd.  Go 6.4k's then look on the right hand side for the Byjingos signs on the fence and gate. 

Note:-  Sections of some tracks are rocky, may not be suitable for young or inexperienced riders.

Aust and SA Map

Adelaide to Manum

adelaide to Mann Map

Adelaide to Bowhill


Manum to Byjingos


Satellite Map Longitude and Latitude of Byjingo's


Byjingo's and it's Motorbike trails

sea level map

Sea Elevation Map

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